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Kwheezy is Debian 7


"Kwheezy is Debian 7 (Wheezy), with a pre-configured KDE desktop experience and a good selection of GNU/Linux/Open Source software."
Kwheezy is a Debian based operating system designed for general purpose desktop computing.
Not so much a distribution based on Debian, but rather "a well configured Debian KDE installer". It is designed to give you more out-of-the-box. To be easier for Linux or Debian newcomers. It is full-featured, with all the applications, plugins, fonts and drivers that you need for daily use, and some more.
Kwheezy is 100% compatible with Debian 7.4.
 Si la quereis probar la podeis bajar de Kwheezy



            The #1 App to get thousands of followers and likes on Instagram!

This App allows you get genuine Likes! Boost your popularity!

Simple to use:
1) Like other people for coins
2) Use your coins to get more likes
3) That’s it! Watch yourself climb the popularity ladder!

▷If you don’t see your photos, turn off "Posts are Private" in your “Edit your Profile” within Profile tab
▷If you don’t see your photo but don't get likes, turn off "Posts are Private" in your “Edit your Profile” within Profile tab

Gratis en AppStore por tiempo limitado.

Peanuts Teaser Trailer HD FOX Family

Charlie Brown en 3D

Net Drive Status 1.0 for Mac OS


            Net Drive Status app is an utility that runs in the background on the Mac OS X status bar and visually report the presence of a specified network drive location. If the network drive is available a green icon is displayed, otherwise a red icon will be shown.

Handy if you need immediate feedback whether your network drive or even USB drive is properly accessible. This prevents problem when launching your favorites application if your external resource is not available.

- immediate visual feedback of network drive availability
- folder watcher: can also be used to check USB drives as well as local files on your Mac
- you can set the application to start at login (see About panel for instructions)
- zero energy impact.
Ahora gratis en AppStore.

Push Mail Notifier 1.0 for Mac OS


            This simple app shows notifications on your desktop when you receive an e-mail in your Google Gmail Inbox, instantly!


- Real instant alerts! The app keeps a connection open to the Google servers, and doesn't refresh only once every few minutes.

- Security: your password is not stored in the application, and no third-party server is involved. A specific secret key in generated when you first authorize the app with Google. This key cannot be used by any other app and isn't sent anywhere else than the Gmail servers.
Ahora Gratis en AppStore


NCweather para notificacion center se acaba de actualizar.  Esta en la repo BigBoss

Kaze Tachinu trailer japones

Estreno previsto en España 25 abril 2014

Lock Screen HD Lite 1.0


            Pimp Your Screen is here to customize the look of your device by giving you an exclusive selection of specially designed backgrounds, icon skins,frames,photo and decoration.

Did you try to use lots of lock screen images, but none of them fit for you? Have you ever found someone else use the same lock screen with you?

With the help of Lock Screen Designer, you're able to personalize the lock screen with your creative and unique design. Show it to your friends how cool your iPhone can be. 

Making your cool and unique lock screen is extremely easy. Just do the following steps:

1. Pick a skin from app 
2. Add a frame to the skin 
3. Add and adjust photo to the frame 
4. Add decorations on the

Ahora gratis en AppStore.

Calendar Wallpaper Studio 1.0


            Calendar Wallpaper Studio
Make your custom calendar wallpapers for iPhone/iPad lock screen and others.
Ahora gratis en Appstore.

Mine Hunter 1.2


            > Traditional game like Minesweeper.
 > Three levels of difficulty (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced).
> Rules available at the game in your language.
> Incredible sound effects.
> Developed exclusively for iPhone,iPod and iPad.

Mine Hunter is a very popular game, which surely you must have seen or played one day. You must use your reasoning to reveal the whole field full of mines. Download now and enjoy!

The rules for playing Mine Hunter are:

* If you discover a mine, the game ends. If you discover an empty square, the game continues.
* When a number appears, it will tell you how many mines are hidden in the eight squares that surround it. With this information it is possible to deduce which squares are safe to touch next.
* To know how many mines already found mark the square you suspect contains mines with the flag.
* The game ends when you uncover all the squares that do not contain mines.
Ahora gratis en AppStore.

Color Text Message Designer Lite 1.0


            Give your SMS and MMS Messages a total makeover!

Imagine a messaging app that has every possible feature to make your message look and feel exactly how you want it. Well, you have it now - it’s Messages™ An app that allows you to emphasize important messages with color, size and formatting, add beautiful clipart to greetings and salutation messages, insert lovely cute pictures to make your beloved ones feel special – and a lot more! Now you can create an ultimate message for every life’s occasion!

Choose one of the colorful message templates or make up your own unique message design! Lots of pre-designed flashy styles are sure to brighten up any text you would like to share! Optionally, you can customize any of the existing templates by selecting your own font, color, background pattern, shadow, or create your custom message from scratch.

Impress and surprise your friends while chatting in iMessage and other messaging apps.
Ahora Gratis en AppStore

Dic. Jurídico 1.0


            Tradutor jurídico inglês-português com tradução de mais de 11.000 termos para rápida consulta.
Conteúdo indispensável para todos operadores do direito que buscam compreender textos ou contratos em inglês.
O tradutor jurídico encontra-se em constante expansão com inserção de novas palavras e termos.

Gratis por tiempo limitado en iTunes




TextPrism creates beautiful multicolored photo text messages! The text colors gradually change from one color to the next, creating a unique EYE-POPPING message that stands out from the rest! Choose a ready-to-use text style preset, or create your own unique text style. Share your messages on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, and MMS. Get more ‘likes’ and comments than ever before!

• Unlimited Color Combinations
• 30+ Different Fonts
• 25+ Ready-To-Use Preset Styles
• 15+ Different Quote Categories
• Choose your own font and text colors
• Change the background color
• Adjust the text alignment and size
• Insert emoji icons into your messages
• Easy to use

Write your own message, or select a quote! There are over 15 quote categories including: Courage, Fashion, Happiness, Heartbreak, Inspirational, Love, Sadness, Summer, Victory, and many more!

Spice up your messages and never post a boring solid colored message again!

Gratis por tiempo limitado en iTunes.

ColdFusion Reference 3.0.1


            ColdFusion CFML Reference. Provides descriptions, syntax, usage, and code examples for all ColdFusion tags, functions, and variables.

Features of this app:
* Live update of all tags to the latest version of ColdFusion from an online database.
* User friendly and attractive interface.
* Well organised categories and tags.
* iOS7 friendly and always up-to-date with the latest iOS version.

Gratis por tiempo limitado en iTunes.

viernes, 21 de marzo de 2014

Astro Mined

Astro Mined is available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Download it for free in the App Store today.

WordCaster 1.0


            Put those big words of yours to REAL use and save the world!

The malevolent Obliviates have invaded the land and can only be stopped by your daring words and devious Powers.

So dust off those SAT flash cards, burn those crossword puzzles, and prepare for battle.

Adventure awaits you, WordCaster!

* Simple, word tracing gameplay
* Move letters around the board to form huge words
* Dozens of challenging monsters and combos to overcome
* Collect over 60 special Powers and level them up
* Endlessly customize your Powers to your style of play

Update: Oceanhorn 1.4

Actualizacion de Oceanhorn  a 1.4

What's New

- now with iCloud support!
- added Russian localization
- added Korean localization
- various bugs fixed

Pack wallpapers

Pack wallpapers para iPhone 5S

Telegram 2.1

Se acaba de actualizar Telegram a la version 2.1 con mejoras significativas: si borramos un mensaje secreto tambien se borra en el telefono de la persona que estabamos hablando, mejoras en el los mensajes de sonido y fondos.


 Otro nuevo tema para Winterboar, en la repo de BigBoss.


Nuevo tema para Winterboard, esta en la repo de

WeChat 5.21.17

WeChat se acaba de actualizar con algunos cambios.

What's New in Version
1. Make free calls to any contact from their profile page
2. Click the top right "+" to quickly snap and send a photo to your friends
3. Chat history search results improved

Evernote 7.3.2

Se actualiza a la version 7.3.2 con algunos cambios.
Visualiza y reproduce audio, video y documentos de Office en modo presentacion.
Abre enlaces  en la web sin salir de modo presentacion.

Godzilla - Official Trailer 3

The Boxtrolls Official Teaser Trailer



            WeShare, Make WIFI Transfer easily
WeShare, easily transfer your photos and videos with your iOS devices, support iPhone, iPad, iTouch
QR Code enabled to Connect Devices easily
Easily to choose files and Wifi transfer to other iOS devices

All iOS devices need Camera for QR code.

Gratis por tiempo limitado en AppStore.

Candy Escape Run

Candy Escape Run!

Your thumb is the hammer! Use it to smash all the escaped candy before they make their way across the screen and attack the city. Fun and simply addictive gameplay that will keep you challenged for days!


Smash your way through 30 unique levels to save the world from these escaped candies and become a hero. Through your epic battles win trophies for unlocking achievements and race to the top of the leaderboad. Compare your scores with your friends to see who sits on top of the iron throne

Gratis en AppStore por tiempo limitado.

UNE: TV 2.4


            Esta aplicación muestra al usuario información sobre la programación de la lista de canales de UNE, que incluye programas, sinopsis y horarios de los mismos. Adicional puedes ver algunos de estos canales en vivo a través de tu dispositivo.

NOTA: Los canales que están en vivo tienen la aprobación del propietario para ser vistos a través de este medio, los que no puedas ver es que aún no han sido autorizados

jueves, 20 de marzo de 2014

Evo iOS7 1.1

Nuevo tema para Winterboard lo encontraras en Cydia en la repo BigBoss.

Flappy Pandas

Un nuevo "clon" de Flappy Bird ahora gratis por tiempo limitado en ASppStore.


            This is a game.
You can control the panda fly.

Gameplay: after the start of the game, click the screen, remember there is intermittent, click on the screen, do not let the panda fell.
Gameplay: let the panda do not hit the post, through the security, through a post 1 points.

Star Horizon Official Trailer iOS-Android

Star Horizon


Note: Star Horizon requires an iPad2/iPhone 4s/iPod Touch 5 or above.

Play as John, a private in the service of the Federation. Focus on amusing story and dynamic battles. Journey through the cosmos, upgrade your ship, make important story decisions and have fun fighting those epic bosses!

“Best Mobile Game” nominee @Game Connection Paris 2013 / Selected Projects finals

Winterboard Themes iOS 7


 Cinco temas para usar con Winterboard


Soul Radio

Escucha tus emisoras favoritas Soul Radio

Características principales:
* Explorar las estaciones con 2G / 3G y WiFi.
* Elija entre más de 15 estaciones de radio en Soul favoritos.
* Establecer las estaciones como favoritas en la lista Directorio.
* Eliminar los favoritos de la lista.

Gratis por tiempo limitado en AppStore.

Hello Corn

            "Hello Corn" is a match game based in strategy to incubate the pet, not only has more than 4 major themes and 100 designed levels, but also has wondeful pet incubation. Enjoy them! Share with your friends to compete through facebook to get rank. This game include types of quest,such as Boss battle、Pub treasure、memory match and so on. Enjoy the game!

Gratis por tiempo limitado en AppStore.

Elite 7Beta1.9-1

Elite 7Beta1.9-1 Nuevo tema HD  para iPhone con Winterboard.

openSUSE 13.1

Ya puedes probar la nueva distro de openSUSE 13.1

El lanzamiento está aquí

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Final Trailer


Colourcomb is a simple and hugely addictive puzzle-solving game. The goal is simple: to turn the entire grid green.

Gratis por tiempo limitado en AppStoe

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Flappy Bird confirmado

 Dong nguyen confirma que volvera a incluir Flappy Bird en AppStore.